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Salam all,
I was thinking to only allow certain people to read this blog. Like the title goes 'PRIVATE ONES', the content should go in the same flow too. I guess. Plus the main blog is the main one where people can read whatever they want. So, any thought peeps? You can drop a thought in the shoutbox or commentbox ok.

JazakallahKK in advance.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

When I say...I am a blogger

MY INSPIRATION: Almarhum Sulam Mansor & Wan Ismail Nik Saleh. Them, who stood still with Islamic struggle. MasyaAllah, I miss them.

Salam 'alaik & Peace be with you,

my dearest readers,
the aiming of mine for creating this new blog is to expose another side of NNM (initials). To be exact, less serious, more personal and more cuter (I guess!) than my main blog.

Just a note for you guys:

When I say...I am a blogger,
doesn't mean I can write anything I want.
I have no such authority, which is why Allah gave us guidance through Al-Qur'an & sent Rasulullah saw to guide us.

When I say...I am a blogger,
I'm not boasting of success.
But to trigger people's mind and to persuade them to think more deeply.

When I say...I am a blogger,
I still need everyone's hands because I need you, you need me to complete each other. That's why I am here.

Like what a sister said;

When I say...I am muslim,

I'm not declaring to be perfect.

In my humble position, I know Allah is the most Compassionate. Us, who always seek Allah's forgiveness.

Syukran for reading until the bottom end. In fact, it wasn't a few words. ^-^

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Flower girl said...

salam kak nabilah,
Best cerita!