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Salam all,
I was thinking to only allow certain people to read this blog. Like the title goes 'PRIVATE ONES', the content should go in the same flow too. I guess. Plus the main blog is the main one where people can read whatever they want. So, any thought peeps? You can drop a thought in the shoutbox or commentbox ok.

JazakallahKK in advance.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Delayed

I intended to upload these pics weeks ago. But then, it was in upstairs-computer and I always use downstairs one. Anywhooo..the first one is Honeycomb cake and second is Custard cake I made for Ayah's birthday, my superdaddy. It didn't have a tempting look, the taste did though. Owh well..stomachs were its destination. ^-^


You know what meant so much to a father?
Having soleh/solehah offsprings :)
Be one.

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