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Friday, 7 August 2009

Even the heart is changeable..

three years earlier;
Wan Najwa 'Alia, Wan Nur Syaza, Wan Fatin Sajidah

now; wahh..even the little one is covered up! hehe. Alhamdulillah!

new one; Wan Nurul Izzah

We cousins used to meet up for like thrice a year despite the distance. It used to be like Perak-KL-Kelantan-Terengganu. Thus three years in absence, looking their pictures, I feel like "soon they will be grown ups!". They've changed. I missed a lot of delicacies, great things. Gotta have a catch up cuzzies! They are cute, aren't they? (:

Refer to the title, what I'm trying to say is even the whole body consisted of many organs and thousand veins can change, let alone a heart. innit? Anyhow, this entry's aim was I wanted to show off the 2nd last pictures my uncle sent. (seriously, what??) haha

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